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Accountants, Financial Advisors & Insurance Professionals

Duvall Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to the “Team Approach” of Estate Planning. Estate planning involves a multitude of issues. Many of these issues are handled by our office; however, we want to involve other trusted advisors as part of the “team” so as to provide the most effective service to our clients . We believe this approach maximizes the benefits to both the client and the financial advisor as it provides a continuing relationship and the possibility for further services to the client. Financial professionals can provide support in the following ways:

Financial Advisors
We believe that it is important to include a client’s financial advisor in the estate planning process. Planning for our core clientel of two to ten million dollars in assets usually implies the use of various trusts, which must work hand-in-hand with the client’s existing financial plan.

We look to you for your expertise and history with your clients. Our planning cannot be successful in a vacuum and we require the partnership of accountants who are able to help us understand the client’s needs from a professional perspective as well as provide tax return preparation and, occasionally, asset valuation.

Continuing Education Opportunities:
Each month we offer Financial Advisors and Accountants the opportunity to participate in continuing education teleconferences at our office. Nationally known experts in their fields offer invaluable insights and knowledge into current trends, issues and planning for imminent legal changes. If you are interested in joining these teleconferences please either call, email or use the contact form on our Contact page.