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An estate plan can bring a family together. News stories are rife with examples of beneficiaries
arguing over a deceased loved one’s money and property or instances of a person’s care and
end-of-life wishes being ignored.

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Important Probate Rules You Should Know (before you die)

If you have a Will, it should be deposited for safekeeping with the Register of Wills. Otherwise, someone who finds your Will and among your papers and doesn’t like your Will’s provisions could take advantage of the situation by destroying the Will.

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What if I Die Without a Will?

One of the questions that we commonly receive from individuals who are still on the fence about estate planning revolves around whether or not they actually need a will. For example, a person who has a smaller estate may mistakenly think that they do not need a will...

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Considering Life Insurance in Your Estate Planning

Considering life insurance in estate planning is an important aspect that can provide valuable financial protection and benefits to your loved ones after you pass away. Life insurance can complement your estate plan in several ways: Financial Security for...

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Securing Your Children’s Future with a Trust

A trust is a legal arrangement that can provide a powerful tool for securing your children's future. By establishing a trust, you can protect and manage assets on behalf of your children, ensuring that their financial well-being is safeguarded. Here's how a trust can...

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